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Are you dealing with Internet addiction?
If you agree with most of the statements below, it may be time to seek help:
1. I think about being online almost constantly. If I'm not online, I'm thinking about the next time I can be or that last time that I was.
Tips for Better Communication
As a therapist I often hear from my clients; “we just don’t know how to communicate”.  Communication happens every day and in many forms.  Effective communication however is a two way process and can take effort and patience.  For many couples ineffective communication can become a source of frustration and conflict.
Is it Time to Rethink your Drinking?
The National Institute of Health reports 3 out of every 10 adults drinks at a level that puts them at risk for alcoholism, liver disease and other health problems.  Do you ever wonder if you or a family member uses alcohol at a concerning level? 
Take Time to Tend to Your Relationship 
Just like a garden, a relationship needs regular care and attention. As therapists we often see relationships that have been neglected over time.  Demands of life have gotten in the way.  From work to children, energy has gone for everything but the relationship.
Parenting Ideas for Anxious Children  
It is very important to have the same expectations of your anxious child that you would of another child. The pace will need to be slower and there is a process involved in getting to this end goal. You can help your child break down big tasks into smaller steps that your child can accomplish.
5 Tips For Creating Internet Safety In Your Home.
This generation of parents is the first to face the challenge of helping our children make the most of their virtual space while keeping them safe in it.  If you're still getting your footing in virtual parenting, don't worry.  The following tips can help you enable your child's online experience to remain positive. 
As Happy As You Choose 
A plaque sits on my office credenza which reads: “Happiness is something you decide ahead of time.”  Some clients read it aloud, but most don’t say whether they agree or disagree. Perhaps they wonder if it’s really as easy as just making up your mind to be happy.
Divorce in Later Life
Divorce rates in the country have gone down in recent years, but according to the National Center for Family and Marriage Research at Bowling Green State University, the divorce rate for couples over 50 had doubled between 1990 -2009.  There has been such a dramatic increase that the over 50 divorce has been termed the “gray divorce”. Why are people divorcing in later life?
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